Vision/ 1.Clean energy to the world /2.Regional creation by power generation business / 3.Future creation of electric power system

Corporate philosophy

Creating a society that leads to a peaceful future and humanity that is endless in nature's providence

Business description

HIS SUPER POWER is the company that generates and supplies electricity using renewable energy. Starting with securing stable fuels, we are promoting the power generation business, including the cooperation with other companies, from acquisition of land for the power plant to power generation and power supply. From environmental protection viewpoint, it is essential to switch fuels from petrolium&coal to natural friendly fuels, to improve energy efficiency,and technical innovation for production and storage methods, it will become Recycling-oriented Society. We will expand our power generation business with a view not only biomass but also natural energy such as solar power and wind power, not only in Japan but also overseas.


Basic policy

Depletion of fossil fuel

Fossil fuels such as petrolium and coal that have supported the world economy will surely be depleted. In recent years, energy conservation and CO2 reduction have been gradually increasing, but the ratio of dependence on energy based on fossil fuel is still large. It should not be to continue to use fossil fuels, as they are, and to goes to be in a situation where depletion is really imminent, and then world peace is violated by disparities between rich and poor or conflicts .

HIS SUPER POWER Sustainability

Conversion to renewable energy

Facing the problem of fossil fuel depletion, it should be required that remaining fossil fuel is shared and used carefully, energy consumption is reduced with energy conservation and improvement of energy efficiency, and fuel is converted from fossil fuel to renewable energy.In addition, reducing the use of fossil fuels is also very effective in reducing CO2 emissions that cause global warming.However, the conversion from fossil fuel to renewable energy cannot be done immediately like an electrical switch, so it is a global issue that must be realized promptly one by one from what can be done.

HIS SUPER POWER Sustainability

About Palm Oil

Problems regarding land, environment and labor have been pointed out, RSPO certification was established to solve these problems. Internationally, there is a movement that only the palm oil that have obtained RSPO (* 1) certification or equivalent certification are subject to transactions. As for the palm oil industry, several countries are working on environmentally friendly production to become a major industry. If we think comprehensively about environmental protection and human creative development from various perspectives, it is important to support the effort of the countries that draw the future of the country in the palm oil industry, and the expansion of the usage of palm oil such as chemical sector in additon to food sector. HIS SUPER POWER would like to contribute on the spread and expansion of palm oil certified its sound management and production by the certificaiton like RSPO.

HIS SUPER POWER became a member of RSPO regular membership on March 22, 2019.

On the 1st meeting of the Gneral Energy Research Committee / Energy Saving & New Energy Subcommittee / New Energy Sub-subcommittee / Biomass Sustainability Working Group, held in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on April 18th, 2019, it was reported that the survey result shows that the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from all of the vegetable oils including palm oil are less than that of petrolium and coal.

Sustainable Palm Oil Procurement Guidelines

HIS SUPER POWER recognizes risks related to sustainable development, such as resource constraints, environmental issues such as global warming, deterioration of biodiversity, and human rights issues (* 2), works on sustainable fuel procurement. Recognizing that the business is dependent on natural capital, we will support zero deforestation for the land of origin for palm oil procurement.

① We confirm that the plantation and suppliers meet the principles and standards (* 3) of RSPO.
② We confirm zero deforestation for the land of origin.
③ We ensure traceability of the land of origin.
④ We will collaborate with various stakeholders such as RSPO, farms, suppliers, NGOs, specialists and third-party organizations.

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
What is RSPO (roundtable on sustainable palm oil)?
This is a non-profit organization established by seven environment-related organizations for international certification. Its goal is to promote production and use of sustainable palm oil to ensure that the production of palm oil around the world does not adversely affect the conservation of tropical forests, the diversity of species living there, and the lives of people who depend on forests. Palm oil certified by RSPO shows thta it is confired and certified by third party organization that it has been cleared the criteria such as fair working conditions, protection of land and land rights of local inhabitants, prohibition of logging in primeval forests, protection of wildlife in plantations, etc., and it is also the rquirement of the Feed-in Tariff(FIT) scheme by Japanese government.

* 2 We follow HIS's basic principles.

*3 Principles and Criteria
Principles and Criteria for the production of the sustainable palm oil

Power Plant


Japan's first combined cycle power plant using palm oil as fuel. This is a biomass power generation facility with a total output of 41,100kW that generates electricity with four 9,789kW diesel engine generators, and further uses the exhaust heat to generate electricity with a 1,940kW steam turbine. Originally, the purpose of a power plant is to generate electricity using fuel, but the power plant which we are aiming for is a “Power plant created together with the community”. We will operate the steam turbine using exhaust heat generated by power generation to generate more electricity and besides utilize excess heat to create a new industry in Kakuda city.

Power plant overview

Address 174 Takabata-kita, Kajika, Kakuda City, Miyagi Prefecture
Site area 18,170㎡
Rated output power 41,100kW
Expected total annual output 350GWh

Power plant east image Power plant east image Power plant east image Diesel power
generation building
Fuel tank Water treatment
(Water receiving tank,
Drainage equipment)
Exhaust gas auxiliary
equipment building
ISO tank
(Fuel transport tank)
Denitration equipment Exhaust silencer Heat recovery
steam generator

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Power plant west image Power plant west image Power plant west image Steam turbine power
generation building
Regulating pond
The office Green space Control
Substation Power transmission

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The HIS Group has a travel business as its main business and is engaged in a wide range of businesses, including the hotel business, theme park business, and energy business. Traveling business is a peace industry, and if the world is not peaceful, this industry cannot be established. There are various countries, race, culture and religions in the world, and different ideas coexist, but the deepening of mutual understanding across the barriers leads to world peace. HIS Energy Holdings will do our best to contribute to the creative development of the human, and world peace through our energy business.


We want to solve the problems of the earth with energy

The energy business plays an important role in the world. Energy also contributed to the continuous expansion of the economy and mass consumption, but unfortunately, energy is also the cause of the word"environmental protection".If the problems of the earth are economic growth, social inclusion, and environmental protection, we believe that the energy business can solve many problems.


Industrial revolution and energy

Industries that supported each generation are closely related to energy. The industrial revolution that started with human power or horse power, and then supported with steam power as main power, is now moving to the stage from automation to self-reliance.Until now, energy has enriched many lives and connected the generations, but in the future, energy itself needs to change, and the next revolution is called the energy revolution. HIS ENERGY HOLDINGS will respond to changes in this generation and expand its business in order to connect eternal humans to the future.


New power company

HTB Energy Company

HTB ENERGY Co., Ltd. is an energy company born from Huis Ten Bosch. As a new power company(PPS), we propose energy cost reduction and aim at harmony between the rich life of people and the global environment by proactively addressing global environmental issues.


Company Information

Company Profile

Company name H.I.S. SUPER POWER Co., Ltd.
Establishment date March 22, 2017 (Heisei 29)
Capital 50 million yen (as of April 1, 2019)
Location 〒105-6905
4-1-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Kamiyacho TrastTower 5F
Business description Business description Power generation business using renewable energy, development, operation.
Please see the Business section for details.
Officer Executive chairman : Hideo Sawada
CEO : Shohei Akao
Director : Masayuki Oda
Director : Shigeru Nakatani
Director : Sonoko Sekida


4-1-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Kamiyacho TrastTower 5F
(weekday 10:00~18:00)